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The Benton Foundry facility located in Eastern Pennsylvania.
The Benton Foundry facility located in Eastern Pennsylvania.

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Marshfield, WI

Welcome to Benton Foundry. For nearly 100 years, spanning three generations, our family has been supplying high-quality iron castings to a variety of industries. Here at Benton Foundry, we are committed to four things: providing extraordinary service at a low net cost, constantly exploring ways to increase efficiencies and reduce our long term costs, ensuring a safe and ecologically friendly environment and providing our craftsmen and women with a progressive, safe, family and career oriented workplace.

The result? A financially secure organization capable of providing metallurgically consistent castings – especially on projects with moderate to high volumes, complex geometries or critical applications. So, for challenging jobs, put us to the test. You'll see that Benton Foundry has the technology, the equipment and the staff to create the perfect long-term solution for you.

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