An ISO:9000 Company


Pouring Iron on Six Automatic Molding Centers


  • 250 Employees
  • Professional Management Team
  • Highly Skilled and Qualified Technical Staff
  • Productive, Motivated Craftspeople


  • 225,000 square feet of manufacturing space all reconstructed in the past 30 years with high bays, insulated roofs and modern lighting
  • Discovery Center
  • Training Facilities
  • Multiple Conference Rooms
  • 200 acres of land


  • Medium and high production capacity in casting sizes from 1 to 250 pounds
  • Capacity of 30,000 tons per year of finished castings
  • Reliable physical properties and consistent microstructure
  • Complete pattern layout and design capability


Gray Iron

Class 25,30,35,40 tensile and heat resistant irons

Ductile Iron

Grades 60-40-18, 65-45-12, 80-55-06, 100-70-03 & 120-90-02

Austempered Ductile Iron

Grades 110-70-11, 130-90-09, 150-110-07, 175-125-04, 200-155-02 & 230-185-01


  • Computer integrated throughout the casting process
  • Centralized, accountable and easily accessible
  • Average 97% on time when measured against the customers’ delivery window
  • Customized software; Our software fits our process


  • Complete pattern layout and design with many up-to-date pattern shops at our disposal
  • Solid Works
  • Magmasoft solidification software
Benton Facilities

Core Production on Laempe LB25

Benton Facilities

Core Assembly Area


  • Cold box, shell and no-bake processes
  • Two Gaylord 24-VSTB
  • Two Gaylord 19-VSTB
  • One Gaylord SATB-15
  • One Laempe LB25
  • Four Beardsley & Piper SF 6
  • Two Beardsley & Piper 104
  • Intricate core assembly capability
  • Digital images with computerized detailed instructions for all assemblies


  • Automated Sand Preparation with two B&P 100B-250 muller’s with Hartley Controls
  • One DISA 28 x 32 flask with a 14″ cope and 12″ drag adjustable down to an 11″ cope and 9″ drag
  • Two DISA Match 130, 20 x 24 flask with an 8″ cope and 8″ drag adjustable down to a 6″ cope and 6″ drag
  • One Hunter 20 x 24 flask with an 8.5″ cope and 7.5″ drag
  • Two Hunter 14 x 19 flask with an 5.5″ cope and 4.5″ drag
  • Extended cooling lines available to accommodate heavy section jobs
then and now

DISA 28×32 Molding Machine


  • Two 10 metric ton medium frequency Inductotherm furnaces with a 7,000KW power pack and Meltminder controls
  • Two 4 metric ton medium frequency Inductotherm furnaces with a 2,500KW power pack and Meltminder controls
  • Tight chemistry control with complete traceability
  • Excellent, documented temperature control
  • 300-Ton-Per-Day melt capacity
  • Customized Energy Solutions energy management software with Demand Control and Demand Response features on the furnaces
  • Emergency Load Response Program and Synchronous Reserve Program participant to reduce stress on the PJM grid

Tapping Iron from 10 metric ton furnace


  • One 14 cubic foot Wheelabrator
  • One 28 cubic foot Wheelabrator
  • One Wheelabrator spinner hanger
  • Six Foxall robotic grinders
  • Eight Fox stationary grinders
  • Two floor grinding stations
  • Empire Performer Blast Unit (for shot blasting small internal passageways, such as hydraulic bodies)

One of Six Robotic Grinding Cells


  • Microscope with Automatic Image Analysis software
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Romer 3D Scanner
  • Bore scope
  • Spectrometer
  • Leco Carbon/Sulfur Determinator
  • Leco Oxygen/Nitrogen Determinator
  • PPAP’s
  • Chemical certification
  • Physical certification
  • Metallographic reports
  • Letter of Compliance
  • Complete, electronic sand lab
  • Computerized, customized and completely integrated scrap reporting
  • Newage automatic hardness testing machine

Benton Foundry is constantly modernizing and expanding.  This expansion will mean added capacity and increased services to our customers.